Bostrichid Beetles

(False Powderpost and Horned Powderpost Beetles)




  • Adult size varies (1/8 to 1 inch) and color varies from dark brown to black. Adult is more robust than that of the true powderpost beetle; its body is cylindrical with a roughened thorax surface.
  • Head is usually not visible from above, but there are many "atypical" individuals.
  • Antennal clubs has three to four segments.
  • Attacks softwoods as well as hardwoods, but rarely re-infests.
  • Larvae are unable to digest cellulose; starch in the wood is digested.
  • Frass is tightly packed and tends to stick together; it is meal0like with no pellets.

True powderpost betles (Previously Lyctidae) are now organized as a subfamily Lyctinae in the family Brostichidae, as another "atypical" Bostrichid (head visible from above).