Anobiid Beetles

(Furniture and Deathwatch Beetles)




  • Adults are usually slightly less than 1/3 inche long, and red to brown to black color.
  • Head is not visible from above.
  • No antennal club.
  • Eggs are deposited in cracks and crevices of all types of seasoned wood, but seem to prefer the sapwood of softwood trees, and can reinfest structural members.
  • Anobiids have a digestive enzyme that allows them to digest cellulose.
  • Coarse, powdery frass containing bun-shaped fecal pellets; frass is loose in tunnels with little at exit holes.

The furniture beetle will infest structural wood as well as furniture. The deathwatch beetle prefers structural timbers in damp areas, and can be extremely damaging to floor joists, sub-flooring, flooring, sills, plates, and interior trim, particularly in areas without venting. In addition, they may damage furniture and other products. Its name comes from the ticking sound the adult makers, which can be heard in the quit of the night.